Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Okay so I promised some pictures, and then I got distracted. You know, shiny things, they are... shiny. and Pretty. Sort of want to start a mag pie nest. But any way. So I thought I'd show some general non people photo's I'm particularly fond of. Nothing super amazing, but I'm thinking of printing off some of these, framing them, and seeing if they sell. Especially the kitchen ones. Here they are: PS: click to see biggggeeerrrrr if you want :)

 Kitcheny things. Although I wonder if I could sell prints of the measuring spoons if they have kitchenaid on them? haha.
  Photobucket Photobucket These are Whale Vertebrae at Pioneer park I shot one day. I just really love the texture and crevices.

Photobucket Photobucket

Friday, April 20, 2012

Genesis by Bernard Beckett


First off I have been really into the Dystopian genre. It's the opposite of the utopian world, generally were something catastrophic happens and the society that evolves from that although flawed. It doesn't always have to be catastrophic, sometimes it's just an evolution of the world. But anyways, I've been caught up in it, and luckily it's been picking up in the literary world as a bit more popular, so I'm finding more and more!

On to the book. It's not really a a religious book, but it has a lot of basis and a lot of vague similarities with the genesis story. But it's about Anex, who is applying to get into basically a college, that basically holds the Islands history. The dystopian aspect comes from the Island literally built a wall around itself to keep out the plague that is/has fallen on the rest of the world. The story is told through Anex recollecting the history of Adam, a catalyst to some great change on the island, but we are left to find just what happened late in the story.

I can't tell you really what makes this book so fantastic (even if it's pretty short) without ruining it for you. I lent it to a friend and he read it in 2 days with many "OMG" "MIND BLEEP* ( bleep inserted for people with sensitive eyes). We then had a lengthy nerd-tastic conversation on what it meant to us. It's just that story with a concept that is hard to fully grasp but creeps you out all the same. Just go read it!! Right now!! ;)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I am back!

Not that many people read this but I decided to pick it up again. With a little revamp, I plan on sharing a bit of everything in my life! This includes, but not limited to, the cancer, photography, college, recipes, books, and army life. So it will become even more incoherent rambling-esque, aren't you excited?

For a quick catch up, I am in Alaska, have been for two years now, with one to go. It's amazing, I won't lie. I am though, seriously having homesickness symptoms and can't wait to at least be closer to my godkids and mom. I still have cancer, but we're working with it, it hasn't spread and the hormone therapy is working. Still trying to get pregnant, but as soon as I get too the lower 48, I will be looking into adoption regardless of where the cancer takes me. I am in school for a bachelors degree in Photography, and I think I'm pretty decent at it, although I really need to keep building my confidence. I'm very unsure of a lot of things. Jonny got promoted to E-6, so we're happy about that.

well that's a quick recap, I'm going to do a post of some Alaska scenery here soon!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is it just me......

Or is David hasselhoff incredibly skeevy? He just creeps me out -_-

Monday, August 3, 2009


So its been awhile, sorry about that. Its been a bit hectic, a bit boring, and bit just normal.

So i moved back to NY, which was interesting, lugging furniture up and down stairs in 90+ degree humid ass weather....not fun. Thought i was gonna die of heatstroke! i know some of you live in horribly hot weather, but come on, this is ohio, thats sweltering! but we got it all situated and made the drive up caravan style. we had the moving truck, teh cadillac ( which i drove and man those are nice! i don't think i shifted once in 6 hours o.o) and my car the dingy butt dented intrepid.

But once we got here, we got to see the house, and i have to admit to almost fainting in joy once i walked in. I HAD STAIRS! not just crappy outside stairs that make groceries a pain, but honest to goodness carpeted house stairs. Now, this may seem a strange feature to get excited about, but i haven't been in a 2 story house since i was 18, i'm 25 now. something about haveing an upstairs, makes me feel classy ;) The lady showing us the house, probably thought i was nuts, i just kept walking around stage whispering " I have stairs!!!" like 12 times.... I also have 1 and half baths. I'm pretty sure this is the former officer housing. I've never seen a non officer getting a two story unless you had twelve kids. So hey i'm excited!

Going back to the oncologist this month sometime if i ever call the jerk. its on my list shhhh. so is the dentist. so not much on that front, really.

Oh i got contacts, for the first time. still getting used to them, i'm having minor issues with seeing close up, but its only been like 3 days.

Been going to the gym, with courtney and thats been pretty nice, its nice to work out, and be a little more serious about losing weight. go me!

Had to take salem to the vet, that was interesting. he starting pulling up his back leg and walking on three legs, no immediate pain or anything so i made hima quick appt for shots and to get it looked at. Turns out he has Lyme, not really yay. but apparently dogs have a vaccine for lyme disease??? why don't humans??? anywho. its curable/treatable, so we're doing all the pills and crap now, and he's already walking on teh leg again, so apparently its working lol.

Jonny comes home in 2 months about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay! then we get to start making real plans for alaska. i kinda wish they would up our leave date, i don't really want to move to alaska in February. its gonna be a hell of a shock to our systems upstate NY is cold but its not -40/-60 weather! but i don't want to miss christmas with our family either. sigh decisions. anyway off i go!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

alaska bound!

So big news. Jonny IM's me and asks, " if we were to get a change of station, where would you want to go?" of course i picked the south, i was really digging the thought of no snow after 4 winters in upstate NY. So jonny says how about north? -_- i went " oh no.....alaska?" turns out yes alaska! i was a little ambivilant to whether i wanted to really go. but now, after some long thinking and research, i'm excited as all get out.

I keep thinking that i'm gonna be up close and personal with the northern lights, all the mtns, and animals. Mooses! i'm gonna see mooses! and reindeer, i am now the envy of all the kids ;) Everyone i've talked to has loved it up there, and i really think i will too.

But this move really put a kink in my plans. I was originally planning to stay in Ohio till septemberish. then move back to NY. But now with the threat of our orders we have to have at least 6 months " sustainability " in the house on drum, and i wanted to take my self off of deployment hold, relatively quick in case that his orders came in before a house became available. But, of course i took myself off deployment hold on friday, and today, a tuesday, i got a house LOL. I have to say i'm excited to have my own place. Not that living with my mom hasn't been a blast, all we do is laugh. plus she does the dishes! but i want to move. like now. i LOVE setting up house. its why i love moving! that and the automatic purgeing that happens.

but its set up so we're gonna move on the 27th. but I *think* that the army will the stuff i have in storage in NY for me. if they do that wow will i love them I have one of those old tv's that weigh the equivelant of a baby elephant and one hell of an awkward tv stand lol. well anyway thats my big news! Alaska Away!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Ever notice how spring, just sort of sneaks up on you? One day your looking out on barren trees wondering where the green is. Then the next day its an explosion of so many greens. If that isn't magic in the world i don't know what is. I love spring, just as much as I love fall. It just seems like magic is in the air.

Jonny came home for R&R this month. I just sent him back today. I hate sending him back. Its like, I enjoy R&R, but i hate it at the same time. But we had fun visiting his family, and his brother got married to another Jessica. So now there is two in the family! But she's an awesome girl, i'm sure she'll be an awesome sister-in-law too.

Still no word on my biopsy, I'm starting to get a little disgruntled... Its not like its CANCER or anything. ( insert sarcasm there) I don't like this doctor and i'll be glad when i can get away from him and back to my oh so awesome fertility clinic.

While Jon was home, we had a grand old time "car shopping" as we drove around. We're looking to buy a second car when he gets back, so that i can get a job. But we'd see a neat car and talk about them. Okay so it SOUNDS incredibly boring but it was good fun.

anyway thats about it. have fun :D